Links to more information on the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire - An Illustrated History of the Roman Empire.

Greek and Roman History - Links, Documents, and Notes.

Rome - Internet Ancient History Sourcebook.

Timeline of Ancient Rome - Rome in chronological order.

Scale model of Ancient Rome - See pictures of the scale model of Ancient Rome.

Images from - Image resources of Ancient Rome.

Virtual Tour of Ancient Rome - Summary paragraphs of important aspects of Ancient Rome that include links to more resources on each topic.

Internet Resources for Medieval Europe

Below is a collection of internet resources focusing on Europe during the Middle Ages.

Eudocs - Medieval and Renaissance primary source documents.

The Medieval Sourcebook - A wealth of documents and information.

Medieval Europe - Introductory information on Medieval Europe.

Eyewitness to History - First hand (primary) accounts of history by those who were there.

The Labyrinth - Resources for Medieval Studies

Medieval History Gateway - Directory of online resources

Geographic Resources

Below is a list of geographic resources that you may find useful.  Each is accompanied by a brief description of the kind of information you will find there.

National Geographic Society - Organization famous for it's magazine and T.V. programs. Lots of cool stuff here.

National Space and Atmospheric Administration (NASA) - Lots of great Geographic information can be found at this site.

Earth from Space - A clickable map of the earth that will give you images of the earth from space for the location that you click on.

Earth Viewer - An interactive map of the Earth.

Geography - This site is a catch-all site for geography and related topics. It even has a homework help page! You should visit this site.

GeoSense - an on-line world geography game.

Earthdesk - Put the world on your desktop.

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